Sunday, 21 August 2016

Student Led Conferences
The 3/4 team and their students would love you to share their learning progress and achievements during the Student Led Conferences.

The Student Led Conference will ‘look and feel like’ a Learning Journey, however, there will be a few small differences which we hope will make a big difference to the information you receive about your child’s learning.

Unlike in past years, all families will not attend at the same time. This should allow greater access to learning areas within the classroom.

During the Student Led Conference, students will lead parent/carers through several aspects of their learning in the classroom environment. You will have the opportunity to view items that students have chosen to share with you, particularly in English, Mathematics and Inquiry Learning (Science, Humanities and Social Sciences) and share their learning goals in these areas. Performing Arts, Japanese and Visual Arts will also feature in the conferences, along with their portfolios. 

Teachers will pop into each of the Student Led Conferences and you will have an opportunity to talk to them during this time.

Times available:

Monday 29 August - 3.15 pm
Tuesday 30 August - 4.00 pm, 5.15 pm and 6.00 pm
Wednesday 31 August - 8.15 am and 3.15 pm

Please book a time to attend your child/ren’s Student Led Conference by logging onto to: 

More information will be sent home on Monday 22 August regarding booking for the conferences. We know that the Student Led Conference will be a fabulous opportunity to see your child’s learning goals and progress.


  1. I'm looking forward to Julia's Student Led Conference - it's always a pleasure seeing the students so proud to show off their hard work. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity, what a great initiative by Fraser PS. Thank you! Christine

  2. I'm looking forward to showing my mum my work