Sunday, 12 May 2019

Week 2

Week 2 was yet another busy week for The Dahls. We have been working very hard on our narrative writing with a focus on creating stories using a picture seed and connectives. One of our seeds that we have been working on is The Box. 

All of the classes have also started our new Geography Inquiry, Biomes - Beyond Our Backyard. Each of the classes are currently taking turns learning about the climate, flora, fauna, location and human impact of each of the five Biomes, before we become experts on one of them for our Eco Ernie Earth Fair which will be held later in the year. 

Later in the week on Wednesday, we all participated to earn points for our houses in the cross country. On Thursday, we were lucky enough to go have the traveling Ridiculous Rhymes show visit us at Fraser, where we got to join in the show with lots of rhyming fun!

Finally, we finished off the week on Friday with our Mother's Day Breakfast. We loved having so many parents, grandparents and carers join us to celebrate and enjoy a yummy breakfast and a photo!

What is something new or interesting that you learnt about one of the Biomes?

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Indigenous Performance

Welcome back to Term 2. We have already had a very busy start to the term and were lucky enough to have a visiting Indigenous Performer, Sean Choolburra come to Fraser Primary. Sean was born and raised in Townsville and his ancestors are Gu-GuYalanji, Kalkadoon, Kandju and Bwgcolman from around Townsville and Palm Island. He trained and toured internationally with the Bangarra Dance Company and was the creator and leader of the Naroo Dancers. During his engaging and entertaining performance, Sean showed us some cultural dance, while telling us Indigenous stories and we were even able to watch him create a fire with sticks. We also had the opportunity to learn about some indigenous artifacts, including fishing nets, clapping sticks and hunting shields.

 What was something new or interesting you learnt from Sean's performance?

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Reminder - Art Show Supplies

We are so excited about the Awesome Art Show in term 3 and we are already getting some amazing pieces ready. To help us with this we would like each student to bring a clean jar with the label removed. We are after a range of shapes and sizes but no bigger than about 750 ml. Please ensure it also has a lid.

For another project we will be designing t-shirts. We would like students to bring in a plain white t-shirt (no logos or decals). Please ensure your child’s name is on the tag. We would suggest buying a size bigger than normal as we will be wearing them at the end of year celebration.
T-shirts can be purchased from Kmart, Big W and Best & Less for around $3.

Friday, 12 April 2019

With holidays fast approaching we thought it would be a good idea to share some activities that families could do at home if they wished to during the holidays.

English- We are encouraging all of our Dahls students to continue reading daily during the holidays. During class time students work on making their thinking visible (writing it down on paper/post it notes) and sharing their thinking with others. We encourage everyone to continue this during the holidays. All students also have a reading goal that they are working on such as chunking words to sound them out, summarising what they are reading, asking questions, making connections to what they are reading or creating images. We would love if everyone continued working on these goals while reading during the holidays.

Maths- All of our Year 3/4 students can continue to use online games to practice their known Maths strategies that they have  learnt in class. (All students are able to access games selected by their math teacher using their maths classroom)

Year 4 students may also like to practice their times tables using the online game Hit The Button.

Year 3 students may also like to practice their doubling on Hit The Button. 

Both Maths Playground and Hit the Button are free online websites. Maths Playground does have some premium games that you need to be a member to access, however these are never used in class and only the free games are accessed at school.

Writing- Students are encouraged to continue writing at home over the holidays. This might be making lists to take to the shops, writing an email to a friend or loved one, keeping a journal of their holiday activities or some free writing of their choice.

We hope you all have a happy and safe break and we look forward to seeing all of our fabulous Dahls back next term, refreshed and ready for more exciting learning!

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Science - Smooth Moves

As part of our Science Inquiry, Smooth Moves students have been investigating lots of questions about forces, motion, gravity and friction. Some of our questions have included;  Why do balls roll? Why do apples fall from trees? Why do some things slide across ice but not on carpet? What helps us to stop suddenly when we run? 

What is something interesting or new that you have learned during our Smooth Moves investigations?

Monday, 25 March 2019

Busy, Busy Busy...

Over the last few weeks we have been incredibly busy in the Dahls. We participated in the Fraser Swimming Carnival, we have been learning about Cyber Safety and visited Healthy Harold in the Life Education Van. We have also been investigating the early explorers, life in 18th century England, the First Fleet and what life was like in Australia for the indigenous people before and after the colonists arrived.

What is something new that you have learnt about life in 18th century England, the early explorers or the First Fleet?

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Little Bits - Bubble Flutes

As part of our Little Bits rotations some of the Dahls have had the opportunity to experiment with designing, making, testing and appraising different electronic circuits. We used power, sound trigger and fan bits to create a circuit, which we attached to a plastic cup with some tape, these became our Bubble Flute creations. We had to use a special screwdriver to test and adjust the sensitivity of the sound trigger and then we dipped the end of our cups into some bubble solution. As we blew and made different noises into the sound trigger it activated the fan and we were able to watch bubbles come out! We had so much fun! 

What other sounds do you think would create great bubbles? Why do you think the sound would make bigger or better bubbles?