Sunday, 14 August 2016

Maths - Measurement

During our inquiry into formal units of measure we have been exploring capacity and the use of millilitres and litres. We experimented with a range of containers and measured their capacity.

What items can you find in your kitchen that are measured in litres and millilitres? 
e.g.  tomato sauce = 500ml


  1. I went and looked through my kitchen and I found...
    Fish Sauce-205 ml
    Olive oil-500 ml
    Milk- 2 L
    Salad Dressing- 200 ml

  2. In my kitchen my kettle has L and Ml.
    Milk 3L, Orange juice 3L, Soy sauce 500Ml.

  3. Some great work in your Portfolio Scott. I think you like Maths just like Poppy.