Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Genius Hour

Each Wednesday all of Year 3/4 participate in Genius Hour. During Genius Hour, students have an opportunity to explore and investigate their own passions. It gives students a choice in what they learn and encourages creativity. Students begin by coming up with a driving question which becomes the big idea for their research. They then come up with smaller questions to help them focus their research and organise their learning about their driving question. Finally, students have an opportunity to share their learning with others.

Take a look at the incredible work that some of the Year 3/4 students have shared during Genius Hour this week.

What is the tastiest flavour of cake? - Survey made using Google Forms

What are the benefits of Yoga? - Powerpoint

What makes a volcano erupt? - Powerpoint and experiment

What are the world's fastest cars? - Powerpoint and Youtube videos

What causes a volcano to erupt? - Experiment and fast facts

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