Sunday, 2 April 2017

Smooth Moves - Games Galore

Our Science inquiry, Smooth Moves, provides students with the opportunity to explore forces and motion.

Through hands-on activities students identify forces that act at a distance and those that act in direct contact and investigate how different-sized forces affect the movement of objects.

They will explore why balls roll? Why apples fall from trees? Why some things slide across ice but not on carpet? What makes our bikes stop when we brake? We will explore all types of forces including friction, gravity and pushes and pulls when we exercise, ride bicycles and drive cars.

This week, one of our experiments was to explore the forces present when playing a range of everyday games.

Can you see all the forces at play?


  1. What great games to learn about forces.

  2. Yes I can. There are lots of forces in mini bowling, push , pull, there is gravity keeping everything down and friction. You pull your arm back, push it forward, let go, the ball pushes 1 pin down then that pin hits another. Gravity keeps every thing on the ground, there is lots of friction in this game.