Sunday, 3 April 2016

Melting Moments

We have been hard at work on our Science Inquiry called Melting Moments. We have been performing experiments to investigate how different solids and liquids are affected by heating, cooling and freezing. 

Can you describe what will happen if Mrs. Evans leaves a block of chocolate in her hot car?


  1. That was so fun to do the best thing was melting chocolate.

  2. The chocolate will melt into a liquid. The packed particles or atoms will start to vibrate and get energised. They will spread apart and become a liquid. Or... Mrs Evans will run to her hot car and save the chocolate! J.T.

  3. It would melt. I would still eat it if it was melted, frozen or a mass. from scott

  4. The atoms in the chocolate will depart and melt into a liquid. I loved our experimenting. My favourite thing was when the chocolate melted and froze.