Thursday, 7 June 2018

Hogwarts’ Teddy Time Fundraising Event

In our History and Civics & Citizenship inquiries we have been investigating how people contribute to their communities. Students have also brainstormed ways they can give back to their community. As a culminating event of our inquiries, we are holding a ‘Teddy Time Fundraising Event’ to help raise money for the Kids’ Cancer Project. Feel free to check out the following link:

We are asking students to volunteer to do some extra jobs around the house, outside of their regular responsibilities. Some examples students have brainstormed include: wash the car, rake up the leaves, fold the clothes etc. We are hoping, with your support, students could earn a donation to help us purchase a number of special bears to give to sick kids in hospital through the Kids’ Cancer Project.

Details of our ‘Teddy Time Fundraising Event’:


Friday June 29 (week 9)

·         Students earn their donation by volunteering for extra jobs at home
·         Bring your favourite teddy/stuffed animal dressed in their best outfit for a parade and picnic (supply your own food) on the event day
·         Any monetary donation big or small is welcome on the event day only


We would love to be able to purchase at least one bear per 3/4 class to donate to kids in hospital.

Thanks for your continued support
3/4 Teachers


  1. What a really wonderful thing to actively demonstrate a sense of community. This is such a great idea and Master A has thought of lots of ways that he can 'earn' his money to bring in to help raise money for these bear donations.