Sunday, 4 September 2016

Reread and Sketch with More Detail

Last week during Readers' Workshop sessions we were learning about a new reading strategy called Reread and Sketch with More Detail. We used nonfiction texts and sketched a picture based on the information we remembered. Then we would reread the text and try to add more detail to our pictures using a different colour, based on the detail we read and remembered from the text. We repeated this until we thought we had all of the important information represented in our drawings. Take a look at some of our incredible thinking.

What interesting facts about volcanoes could you add to our boards?


  1. i worked with krystal and we did a realy cool one.

  2. i worked with shany and we did a really cool pitcher.

  3. Thanks for your comments Makenna and Taya, I am glad you enjoyed the activity. Just remember when you comment on the blog it is to ask/answer a question or to add some information about your learning.
    Mrs. Van

  4. I thought that this activity was really fun and will help lots of other people with their reading.