Thursday, 5 July 2018

Holiday Learning at Home

With holidays fast approaching we thought it would be a good idea to share some activities that families could do at home if they wished to during the holidays.

English- We are encouraging all of our Hogwarts students to continue reading daily during the holidays. During class time students work on making their thinking visible (writing it down on paper/post it notes) and sharing their thinking with others. We encourage everyone to continue this during the holidays. All students also have a reading goal that they are working on such as chunking words to sound them out, summarising what they are reading, asking questions, making connections to what they are reading or creating images. We would love if everyone continued working on these goals while reading during the holidays.

Maths- All of our Year 3/4 students can continue to use online games to practice their known Maths strategies that they have  learnt in class.

Year 4 students may also like to practice their times tables using the online game Hit The Button.

Year 3 students may also like to practice their doubling on Hit The Button. 

Science- When we come back to school next term, we will be starting a Science Inquiry called Beneath Our Feet. We will be investigating soils, rocks and landscapes and how they change over time. We would like all Year 3/4 students to collect  a soil sample (about 1 cup) in a clear screw-top jar, as well as, a small snap lock bag of different rocks that they have collected. Make sure each sample is labelled with your name and where you collected it from. 

We hope that all of our Hogwarts families have a happy and safe holiday break and we look forward to seeing you all next term!

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  1. That’s really helpful! Thank you!