Monday, 5 February 2018

Welcome To Hogwarts in 2018

Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts. We are so excited to have you all returning and would like to give a huge welcome to all of our brand new students to Fraser this year. To get us started take a look at the fun welcome back rap we are watching to start off the school year.

This year we will have five year 3/4 classes and Mrs Van will become our resourcing teacher to support all five classes. Our classes are:

Dumbledores - Mr. Arranz


Potters - Mrs Evans


McGonagalls - Miss Markos


Weasleys - Miss Vernon


Grangers - Miss Murphy


Diagon Alley (Resourcing) - Mrs Van

We have lots of exciting and fun activities and games planned for our first week of school and we look forward to getting to know lots of you even better. Our focus to start the year off right is to "Be Awesome", check out the clip we watched about being awesome.

We know that sometimes it is not easy for our loved ones to find out what we have been learning about and how our day was at school. So we have included a list of questions that you could use to spark some discussion at home, we hope you find these useful. The full list of 50 things can be found at this link: 50 Questions To Ask Your Kids After School

The first class novel that we will be listening to is The Gizmo by Paul Jennings.

We are excited to continue sharing lots of our amazing learning and reflecting with you all this year. Each blog post has a question for you to share your thinking, so we look forward to seeing your contributions. Parents and carers, make sure that you subscribe to our blog by entering your email on the top right where you see, Follow by Email to be notified each time a new post is added to our blog.

We are going to finish our post with a fun clip about what some children want to be when they grow up. Don't forget to answer our question at the end.

What do you want to be when you grow up and why?


  1. I cannot seem to find the FOLLOW BY EMAIL link? Is it in a different place now - or am I not looking enough?

  2. Sorry for the late reply. It should be in the top right when you look at the screen.Make sure you have scrolled right to the top of the page. It should have a page view counter and the follow by email box is directly under that. You just need to type in your email address and click submit. You should then recieve notifications when we post.