Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Foundation Stone

This week we have continued our learning about the history of Canberra. We learnt all about the seach for the location of the capital city of Australia, which had to be in NSW and at least 100km from Sydney and the laying of the Foundation Stone to mark the naming of Canberra. 

The Foundation Stone marks the announcement of the official name of ’Canberra’ by Lady Denman and commemorates the official founding of Australia's capital city. 

The then Governor General Lord Denman, Australia’s Prime Minister at the time Andrew Fisher and the Minister for Home Affairs, King O’ Malley originally laid three stones on the 12th of March 1913 as a marking for a Commencement Column. 

The Foundation Stone had been originally placed on Capital Hill, located where new Parliament House now sits. However, seventy five years later, on the 12th of March, 1988, another ceremony was held to mark the moving of the stones to their present location, attended by the Governor General, the Prime Minister and the Minister for the Arts and Territories.

Take a look at the Foundation Stones that we were able to make during our learning.

We have also completed our explanations, 'How Do Popcorn Kernels Pop?' Take a look at our annotated diagrams and detailed explanations that are in sequenced order and use lots of technical language, such as pericarp, germ and tip cap.

Slow Motion Video Of Pop Corn Kernel

What have you learnt about the history of Canberra so far?

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  1. I have learnt that Walter Burley Griffin had won the competition for the plan of Canberra. Walters middle and last name had become the name for Lake Burley Griffin. In Walters plan he had trams (light rail). In Canberra there is a new light rail being built. That was Walters idea. I liked making our own plan for Canberra. It was super fun!