Sunday, 18 June 2017

Seussville Update

Wow, we have been having such a busy term 2, the weeks just keep flying by. We have continued learning all about the different world biomes. We are working in small groups to research and create a poster and slide show about our biome and then create an information report on an animal from our biome. On Thursday we made our biome dioramas, it was so much fun and everyone was very creative. We are excited to share all of our hard work with our parents and carers early next term.

We were lucky enough to have Lucas Proudfoot present his Indigenous show at Fraser a few weeks ago, he taught us about the Indigenous area where his family is from and some of us even got to dance or play a didgeridoo. It was alot of fun. 

All of Suessville is in the middle of creating some amazing artworks ready for our Amazing Art Show next term, so stay tuned for more information after the holidays, we are pretty incredible artists, if we do say so ourselves! 

When we aren't creating masterpieces on a Friday afternoon, then we are focused on problem solving and programming during our coding lessons. This term we have created a game to drive a boat sprite through a timed race course and year 3 have just finnished their first memory game, with year 4 half way through theirs. 

This week we are also lucky enough to have a Food Detective performance coming to school on Tuesday. See, we told you that we have been busy!!

What has been your favourite activity/learning this term so far?


  1. All of it. I love doing fun and interesting hands on activities. I loved the Lucas Proudfoot performance, it was so funny. I also loved the biome booth activities and the food inquiry.

  2. I loved all of it.I loved the Lucas Proudfoot performance because it was so funny.I also loved the biome booth activities because i liked how all the 3/4 teaches brought animal toys in to put in them in the biome booths.