Wednesday, 10 May 2017


This term we have been learning all about the different biomes around the world. So far we have asked lots of questions to figure out what we would like to know about the different biomes and we have begun investigating the Grassland and Desert biomes. 

As we cover each of the five biomes; Tundra, Forest, Aquatic, Desert and Grasslands. We will be finding out about their climate, location, flora and fauna and the human impact on each biome.

Some of our students have been making a slide show about the impact humans have had on the Grasslands. Take a look at some of our research that we turned into posters on google slides.

What are some interesting facts that you have learnt about biomes so far?


  1. Antarctica is a desert because it gets very little rain, it gets less than the Sahara desert! There is a desert on every continent but Europe.The grassland biome is every continent but Antarctica.

  2. We've been hearing lots of interesting snippets of information in our household about biomes. Lincoln has told us that Antartica is classified as the largest desert in the world due to the minimal amount of rainfall annually. We also talked today about grasslands and how humans are impacting on the size of grasslands through climate change and pollution. Very interesting stuff!

  3. I learnt that there is the desert biome the grassland biome
    the aquatic biome the tundra biome and the forest biome