Sunday, 12 February 2017

STEM - Coding and Robotics

We have begun our Coding and Art rotations on Friday afternoons. The Year 4 students have had the opportunity to practice and refresh some of the Coding skills that they learnt at the end of last year. They were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to experiment, create and problem solve with some of the schools Sphero robots, including Ollie and the two SPRK+ robots. The Year 4 students collectively came up with a race course using pillows, to steer the robots through and even problem solved how to tell the two SPRK+ robots apart by changing their coloured lighting.

What is something you have learnt when Coding on Scratch or driving and programming the Sphero robots?


  1. I learnt that the spheros can drive courses.

    1. They certainly can Aali and I am excited for us to learn to use code to program the Spero to drive around.

  2. I learnt how to program your sprite to talk and move.