Thursday, 21 July 2016

Inquiry - Civics and Citizenship

Welcome back to Term 3. We have jumped straight into learning with our first Inquiry for this term, Civics and Citizenship. We have been looking at different social, cultural and religious groups within our community that we may belong to. Today we used Google Maps to create maps of Canberra and pinned different religious buildings to them, that we had researched, we included a photo and some information about the building. Take a look at some photos of our hard work. 

Also remember to keep bringing in your soil and rock samples!!

What other religious buildings could we include on our maps?


  1. There are five different places of worship that I know. There are a Church, a Mosque, a Temple, a Synagogue and Indigenous Australians would use the land as their special place of worship. We could include schools and peoples homes because some people choose to practice their religion in their own house.

  2. Excellent response Aali. We are going to explore this a little more next week including Indigenous Australian.

  3. I know 4 different places of worship. Temple, Mosqe, Church and Synagogue

  4. I loved learning about the place that people go to warship. Makenna

  5. I know 4 different places of worship.

    1. A church A church is used by Christians
    2. A temple A temple is used by Hindus
    3. A mosque A mosque is used by Islams
    4. A synagogue A synagogue is used by Jews