Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Canberra Our Nation's Capital

This term we have been learning about the history of Canberra as part of our inquiry lessons. We have learnt all about the settlement of the Canberra area, how Canberra came to be selected as the Capital of Australia and how it came to be named Canberra. We have also been learning about things that have changed and stayed the same over the history of Canberra.

Take a look at some of the Foundation Stones that we made as part of our learning.

What information have you learnt about the history of Canberra? 

What do you know about the Foundation Stone? 

How are the people on top of the stone important to our history?

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  1. I learnt that Canberra was built on the Limestone plains. There are three foundation stones which were laid in Canberra in 1913 as part of the Commencement Column monument which was never completed. The Governor General Lord Denman, the Prime Minister Sir Andrew Fisher and the Minister for Home Affairs Mr King O'Malley each laid down a foundation stone. Lady Denman made the speech about the capital being named Canberra. J.T.